Eminem Announces Next Album on a Baseball Hat

October 29, 2012 By:
Eminem Announces Next Album on a Baseball Hat

Eminem's hat (yes, hat) confirms that next year will mark a return to recording for the rapper. Now it’s not “PR official,” but Slim Shady has a reinterpreted Detroit Tigers snapback cap out (which also provides some slim shade, ha!), the Eminem Tribute Baseball Champ Hat, that hints at it.

The riff on the Tigers "D" fashioned as a backwards "E" also has a running roster of the years that Em released his “landmark solo albums” embroidered on its side. 1996, ’99, ’00, ’02, ’04, ’09, ’10…and 2013!

Marshall Mathers III has been mum on the specifics of this (self-fulfilling?) prophecy available at his Eminem store, but it’s safe to assume there’s an album on the horizon for the rapper who just turned 40 on October 17. It’s not exactly rocket science considering he’s been working on this eighth solo album since this past summer.

What’s more up in the air is if it’s a revival of his earlier works, which were angry and hostile (“Stan”), or more in the vein of his newer releases which tended to be more uplifting and self-esteem boosting (“Not Afraid”). Also unknown is who’s on it offering up a featured verse or two, if any.

Regardless it’ll surely be another confessional record to round out his 15+ year career, whatever it is. Even if you wear the cap backwards, you still have something to look forward to.