Eminem Demands Koi Pond at His Concert - Other Crazy Celeb Requests

August 30, 2011 By:
Eminem Demands Koi Pond at His Concert - Other Crazy Celeb Requests

Eminem has requested that a koi pond filled with bright orange koi fish be built in a private backstage garden for his appearance at the Irish Tennet's Vital festival.

Yes, you heard that right. Eminem, who's known for his expletive raps and public feuding has demanded that the Irish festival build him a pond. Eminem will only be performing at the concert for two days, so basically they are constructing an entire Koi pond for less than 48 hours of use.

Oh, the diva behavior doesn't stop there. Eminem also requested seedless watermelon, yogurt, a vegetable tray with ranch dip, dumbbells and a full-length mirror. So he can lift weights in front of a mirror while guzzling down ranch dip?

Apparently at his recent performance at the Virgin Media V Festival in England he made everyone else in the venue wait in a separate backstage area so he could walk to his dressing room in secrecy because he "didn't want to be seen" by anyone.

"Leave me to my fishes!" I imagine him exclaiming as dives into a Koi pond while eating seedless watermelon.

Koi carp are not cheap fishes. They cost between $300 and $900 a fish! Let's see if the music festival actually builds him this "secret garden" he requested.

This is not the first time a celeb has demanded crazy requests.

When former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell performed for the British troops in the Middle East she demanded air-conditioned tents, a fridge in her desert tent filled with soymilk, and a computer with full Internet access. Is she aware she's visiting troops stationed in the Middle East? She wants a working fridge in the middle of a war zone? She's not even famous anymore. Barack Obama probably doesn't even get those accommodations when he visits the troops, okay, he probably gets internet...but soymilk? No way.

When touring, Macy Gray used to like to bring a chimpanzee on the road with her to keep her company. What can a chimp provide you that a good personal assistant and a dog cannot? A chimp can't ask you how your day was. A chimp can’t play fetch.

A few years back, J.Lo stayed at a London hotel and a copy of the two-page letter that outlined all her highly specific demands surfaced online. She demanded plain M&M's, Coors lite but only in bottles, refrigerated and room temperature Gatorade, soft baked chocolate chip cookies, Dentyne Ice spearmint gum, white or red roses in the room, candles by Jo Malone, and caffeine free peppermint tea. She apparently also likes her coffee to be stirred only counter-clockwise.

Mariah Carey supposedly has several assistants, but one of them specifically exists to hand her towels in her dressing room. Is there something about the travel time from towel rack to her hand that Mariah Carey doesn't like? Does she have someone wipe her ass too?

While on tour, Britney Spears demands a private phone line in her dressing room for outgoing calls only (does she not have a cell phone?), two boxes of Pop Tarts, Fruit Loops cereal, cable television and two sofas and odor-free carpet. Did I just describe Britney Spears or Homer Simpson?

Barbara Streisand hands down has the weirdest request; she demands rose petals in her toilet. What, so her shit doesn't stink? What if someone just left a floater in the toilet, "I'm sorry Ms. Streisand, did you say 'rose petals?' Ooooohhhh...my bad."