Skylar Grey's Single Cover With Eminem

November 16, 2012 By:
Skylar Grey's Single Cover With Eminem

Skylar Grey is down in the dirt for the cover of new single “C’mon Let Me Ride” which features former collaborator Eminem.

The singer-songwriter is showing another side of her—hint: it’s wearing less clothes—on the single’s sexy album art. Skylar suggestively poses with a mountain bike as she stands in a muddy puddle to further illustrate the begging undertones of her new track with Em. C’mon, just let her ride already!

It’s the lead single off her forthcoming Don’t Look Down, which boasts Slim Shady as its executive producer—not bad for a debut album. Skylar, who wrote the hook for Em’s biggest song ever “Love The Way You Lie” (sung by Rihanna), and is hoping that teamwork will pay off again when it’s her vocals doing the serenading.

“The song is something totally unexpected from me. Sometimes I can’t even believe that it came out of my mouth. But it did,” she confesses of the song she claims showcases a sassier side of her pipes.

She’ll also be rocking that personality in the upcoming video, which the duo just wrapped in Detroit a few weeks ago, expected to premiere sometime in December. “[The song] is sarcastic because I’m making fun of how the media really over-sexualizes everything,” she told MTV News.

“That’s where the inspiration comes from. There’s pieces of [“C’mon Let Me Ride”] that are sarcastic because I’m a very serious person most of the time, but there’s also parts of it that show who I really am versus who a lot of other girls are. It shows the contrast.”