Enrique Iglesias and Dev Team Up New Single "Naked"

December 20, 2011 By:
Enrique Iglesias and Dev Team Up New Single

After her mega-successful track "In the Dark" singer Dev follows up that single with this new collaboration with Enrique Iglesias.

The new single "Naked" off of Dev's upcoming debut album "The Night the Sun Came Up" is a slow-burning track that morphs into a club-ready beat.

"Naked" is produced by the Cataracs and is a great follow-up to Dev's last single. Still burning with sultriness, it's got an easy house electro vibe, similar to Rihanna's "We Found Love."

The song tells the story of two lovers, perfect for each other but being forced apart by other relationships and parents who just don't understand. But finally Dev and Enrique say screw it all and sing to one another, "I don't care what they say/It's our life life life/We can dance if we want/Make it feel alright/Temperature's rising/I feel the fire/Tonight, it's just me and you."

I cannot wait for this music video. I hope it involves Enrique making his way through a crowded club, fighting off random girls like "No, I'm here for Dev" and then Dev is dancing on one of those go-go platforms and she's like "Who me?" and then Enrique and Dev dance the night away!

Proving that Enrique is getting sexier and sexier, he sings on the track, "Tell me, baby, will you be here when I wake up, even with no makeup, I don't wanna fake it/ and you don't gotta doubt a second if I miss you, every time I'm with you, I see you naked."

If Enrique Iglesias tells you to stick around the morning after even with no make-up on, you listen!