Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull "I Like How It Feels" Music Video

October 4, 2011 By:
Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

Enrique Iglesias recruits some serious celebrity cameos for his new music video for the single, "I Like How It Feels.

Iglesias and Pitbull team up for the song, "I Like How It Feels" the official lead single off his upcoming deluxe edition Euphoria album. After these two teamed up for the smash hits, "I Like It" and "Tonight," this new track is a more subdued, yet still fist pumping dance track.

The music video for the song is like a glorified home video. Assuming you live the life of a multi-platinum recording artist.

In this video you can glimpse Enrique doing literally everything from riding a ski-do with his dog, piloting a plane, taking of his shirt, cussing, running in streets with little kids, signing autographs from crazed fans, using a treadmill, chatting with Pitbull in the studio, and escaping even crazier fans.

But during the Pitbull rap is when the stars come out. Pitbull raps in Spanglish, bragging about the places he's been and how he's hot "like global warming." Pitbull and Enrique throw back shots of Atlantico Rum alongside Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, George Lopez and Columbian singer Juanes. The group sings along to the upbeat track while sipping on that distinct dark rum.

Later in the video, Serena Williams makes a crazy cameo, getting into a pillow fight with some unknown girl. So this is what celebrities do in their free time? Sounds awesome.

The video was directed by Enrique himself. I actually love these behind-the-scenes music videos because it allows you to peek inside the lives of your favorite celebrities and be like, "Oh Enrique drinks from water bottles? I drink from water bottles. We have so much in common!"

It's better than your typical pop video, which is usually oversaturated with images of girls in bikinis, champagne showers and big dogs on leashes.

Enrique is currently on the North America leg of his "Euphoria" tour, which kicked off on Sept. 22. His re-release of the album will drop in November, with "I Like How It Feels" as one of three or four new tracks.

He's also going to record a song with Jennifer Lopez for the album. This news was confirmed by Justin Franks, who produced the track, along with Enrique's other hit song, "Tonight." The J.Lo assisted song is called "Mouth2Mouth."

The new deluxe album will feature hits from the original, bilingual edition, which was the top-selling Latin album of 2010. Favorites like "Tonight," "Dirty Dancer" and "Cuando Me Enamoro" will appear alongside this new Pitbull and J.Lo tracks.