Eric Dash’s Tour Checklist

November 12, 2013 By:

It was late in the summer when we last checked in with singer-songwriter Eric Dash. Since then, the New Jersey-born artist has been a busy fella. He’s signed on for a winter tour with Heffron Drive and finished his new video, “Ms. Sally Jones,” which tells the story of a terrible girlfriend with a tendancy of hooking up with other guys.

And since Mr. Dash has been doing so well in the last couple months, we figured we check in again. Here’s what’s on the rising star’s checklist for the upcoming tour, which kicks off November 23rd.

A food dish you need to eat on the road (city specific, if possible?)

I love barbecue and ribs. So when I hit up St. Louis and Kansas City, it's gonna be a free-for-all!

A book you need to read and/or Netflix you need to watch in your downtime?

A book I need to read? I'm staring at The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler right now. Philip Marlowe is a badass character. In terms of Netflix, or television, I just hope I have access to watch Nashville while I'm on the road. It's great, hah.

A stranger encounter you need to have?

I'm a hopeless romantic. So I hope a beautiful girl tricks the bouncer to find me backstage, and when she does find me, she only slaps her number on the table, smiles, and walks out. That'll sure hit me like a ton of bricks.

A fan body part you want to autograph? Why?

Over their heart, where I made a lasting impression.

A prank you want to take part in?