Listen Up: Eric Dash Had No Choice But to Make Music

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Listen Up: Eric Dash Had No Choice But to Make Music

“My greatest accomplishment is having my father tell me he was proud of me,” says Eric Dash. “He’s a tough sell.”

Born in New Jersey, he relocated to the West Coast to record with Jack Joseph Puig, who’s produced some of Dash's major influences like John Mayer and the Goo Goo Dolls.

He started writing songs at eight, and then at 13 on guitar. It was direct result of watching his father play, so you can understand why impressing him was such a big deal.

Dash describes himself as a bit of a “hopeless romantic” and remembers the first love song he penned for a girl. It was a simply cut—three guitar tracks with the vocals recorded straight into a computer mic—but it got the job done.

“She really liked it,” he says.

His new single, “One More Love Song,” from his forthcoming album My Own Island, is about a different girl. One he spent a lot of time at the beach with and one that eventually got away.

Dash released a video for the single earlier this month and it's already nearing 200,000 views. While he was involved throughout the process of the video, it was an idea that director Rob Mor brought to the table that took it to a new level.

“He [Rob] said, ‘I don’t want to go the sad route, because it’s easy to go the sad route. … Why can’t he get the girl back?’” says Dash. “I said, ‘We can.’ … I mean, when I wrote the song, that’s what I intended to do with it—play it and then get her back. That’s what I wanted to do.”

On the album he tackles life themes—relationships, chance encounters, text messages—through his own lens. Hence, the title My Own Island.

Dash opens for Nelly on August 30th. They’re expecting 6,000 people and it’ll be his biggest gig to date. But he’s not worried. It’s the smaller gigs, the ones where “you can see faces,” that gets him a little nervy. 

What would he be doing if he wasn’t singing? If you ask Dash that question, he’d probably come back with something like, “Who Knows?”

He never sought out a career as a singer-songwriter, or to be famous for that matter. But once music found him there really wasn’t another option. Or, as he tells it, “It kind of just turned out to be the only thing really loved to do.”

Follow Eric Dash on Twitter or keep up with the latest happenings on his official website.

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