Exclusive: Christina Aguilera NOT Leaving "The Voice"

September 12, 2012 By:
Exclusive: Christina Aguilera NOT Leaving

Hold your breath.

Despite reports this morning that Christina Aguilera will be taking time off from the popular series, the singer will continue to lend her judging voice to “The Voice.”

“The quotes were taken out of context and the reports that she is taking time off from ‘The Voice’ season four to record music are completely inaccurate,” a source close to Christina tells Hollyscoop.

The quotes in dispute were in reference to an interview the 31-year-old did with Billboard magazine where she said that “The Voice” was keeping her “away from my heart, which is creating my own music.”

This makes no coherent sense to the source who says, “Christina has already taken time off to record new music. In fact, her new single comes out this Friday.”
See, girl can do both. She already has been. She’s X-tina.

Available on iTunes in two days, the track is called “Your Body,” a tease for the album slated for a November holiday release.

The source also adds, “Nothing has been confirmed to date as season four dates haven’t been set,” which sounds accurate considering “The Voice” is only in its premiere week and barely into the third season.

We were also informed that every judge has the option to be back or not, in line with statements executive producer Mark Burnett made regarding that “the chair will always be theirs.”

Fans were invited to ask questions regarding “The Voice” and her upcoming music directly to Christina’s Twitter account today. The singer just wrapped the live Q&A online for over 2 million followers this morning.