Dev/ Fabolous "Kiss My Lips" Music Video

March 7, 2012 By:
Dev/ Fabolous

Wuddup Fabolous, haven’t heard much from you…in ever?

Fabolous teams up with Dev on her new single, “Kiss My Lips” off her debut album “The Night The Sun Came Up.”

Dev is that girl who sang on the Far East Movement song, “Like a G6.” 

The video for “Kiss My Lips” is a suggestive yet fun and flirty dance track about well, getting some dude to hurry up and kiss you.

The video is mostly Dev doing stuff like eating watermelons, sucking on toothbrushes, lollipops and then just images of bananas. Like, just bananas lying in piles. It’s supposed to be “sexy” but you know, it’s also weird.

If you blink you might miss Fabolous’ appearance. He lends some “yeahs” and “throw your hands up” at the start of the song.

He then reappears again midway through the video wearing a black suit with a pink bowtie and looking very dapper. I think he kisses some girl with glow in the dark lips, but I can’t be sure. It’s good to have you back, Mr. Fabolous.

In other Fabolous (fabulous?) news, the rapper dropped $45,000 on alcohol over the weekend for her crew at the Compound nightclub in Atlanta. Also, the bartenders at the nightclub had to bring over the 120 bottles in a golden bath-shaped tub. Talk about ballin’ out of control!