Fake Lady Gaga Gets Eaten By a Lion, Real Lady Gaga Fires Back

October 20, 2012 By:
Fake Lady Gaga Gets Eaten By a Lion, Real Lady Gaga Fires Back

Raunchy South African hardcore rap band that borders on performance art Die Antwoord wants Lady Gaga to die. In their latest music video titled “Fatty Boom Boom” anyway…

The irreverent group, who makes music videos about 10 times more disturbing than your average parody on the Weird Al Yankovich Spectrum of Doing Things, featured a male impressionist dressed up as Mother Monster in her notorious meat dress outfit trekking through South Africa on a tour of the country.

After giving birth to a prawn (okay, maybe 20 times more disturbing), “Lady Gaga” and her tri-tip dress attracts the cravings of a lion that then jumps the singer, attacks, and eats her by the end.

“Fatty Boom Boom” is a cross section mocking clueless and insensitive white tourists who safari through South Africa, but the most universally understood joke that we can digest here is of Lady Gaga.

Basically what happened was Lady Gaga who was likely a fan of the band’s provocative stage and costume-heavy stage antics invited them to open for her on tour, but Die Antwoord is too good for Lady Gaga who in their eyes makes superficial pop music. Not the “thought-provoking” kind they pat themselves on the back a little too much for producing. Whatever, that’s fine—not everyone sees eye to eye, except Die Antwoord wanted to incorporate this whole narrative into their next video.

Lady Gaga eventually responded back on Twitter yesterday with some raps of her own:

So, here you go, Die Antwoord. Another blog post for you to put in your Attention Jar for nights when you have no one to keep you warm at night. You win.