Fall Out Boy Iced Out Of Antarctica

March 25, 2008 By:
Fall Out Boy Iced Out Of Antarctica

Fall Out Boy is in Chile right now for their show in Santiago, and they were all set for their big trip to Antarctica. That is, until bad weather forced them to change their plans.

They got word yesterday from their manager that nasty weather conditions had canceled all flights in and out of Antarctica. Seriously though, the guys must have sort of been anticipating this as a possibility. Flights in and out of Denver are tough at this time of year, so Antarctica must be impossible!

FOB is attempting to set a world record to be the first band to play in seven continents in nine months. According to current weather reports, the temperature in the country feels like -16 degrees.

Why did they want to go there in the first place? They should be hitting up a warm climate during Spring Break!