Black Eyed Peas Piss Off NY Fans

June 10, 2011 By:

Black Eyes Peas fans were livid after waiting 8 hours in sweltering heat, pouring rain, and even a lightning storm. The most questionable part of this statement is the phrase “Black Eyed Peas fans.”
They still have those? Fans? I’ll believe you this time, internetz.

20,000 New Yorkers camped out for hours to get good seats to the general admission outdoor show. The pre-show started late because of the weather. If standing outside for hours soaked in your own sweat wasn’t enough, attendees had to sit through an odd collection of pre-show performances by Taylor Swift, Carole King and Tony Bennett.

After hours of humid and hot weather and then rain, the Black Eyed Peas never performed and shut down their Central Park concert after lightning began to strike.

The audience began to chant “We wont go” and squatters refused to leave even as Police closed in on the crowd. Excellent logic NY. Everyone knows that the longer you sit in a lightening storm, the greater your chances are of seeing a free Black Eyed Peas show.

The concert was supposed to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation and attempt to redeem the Black Eyed Peas image after their weird and lackluster performance
earlier this year at the super bowl.

This show cancellation isn’t going to help their failing image. In an attempt to make nice with fans, Taboo tweeted, “Fergie is really sorry it’s not happening we feel horrible…We are devastated and Fergie told me to tweet this she loves u all.”

I love that Taboo’s twitter has become the mouthpiece for Fergie’s press releases and official statements. For those of you who never really knew what Taboo’s musical influence was in the band…well, he’s the one that tweets. Now, to figure out what is good for???