Fergie Considers Being a Judge on 'X Factor'

February 13, 2012 By:

Well, there’s certainly room for her.

The Black Eyed Peas have been on a hiatus, so now would be a great time for Fergie to take on another project. I mean, she also has Josh Duhamel for a husband, so if she wants to spend her time doing that, who could blame her, but X-Factor might be a good gig, too.

“That would be something I would love to do,” Fergie said about the possibility of judging on the show. “I mean timing is everything because if I did that show I would want to give 110 percent to those contestants. That’s what they deserve.”

So is her addition to the ‘X-Factor’ a possibility?

“Maybe someday,” Fergie says.

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger recently lost their judging jobs at the ‘X-Factor,’ and Simon Cowell has since tossed in a couple of names, just to tease us:

“I worked with Katy (Perry) once,” Simon said recently. “She would be fun, because she is hard—in a good way—and she’s feisty.”

And cupcake boobies!

He added that Madonna would be “expensive,” but “she would be great, in terms of experience, success…brilliant.”
So let me get this straight. We need someone who’s a legend in her own right, has experience in the industry, but is still looking for work enough to not be overpriced. You know who would be perfect for this job? Paula Abdul. Just sayin’.

Cowell added that Mariah would be great, but “I don’t think Mariah would make that commitment. She’s just had kids.”
Elton John was also rumored to be a judge on the show, but Cowell said: “Absolutely not. He wouldn’t do it and he’d be really difficult to work with.”

Sounds familiar.