Fergie Reveals Her Guilty Pleasure

June 14, 2011 By:
Fergie Reveals Her Guilty Pleasure

Boom boom POW indeed! Fergie looks smoking hot as usual on the cover of the July issue of Allure magazine.

Turn the pages and you’ll find Mrs. Josh Duhamel in thigh highs panties and a sheer top. And the best part? She confesses her biggest guilty pleasure! She admits she's addicted to Jack in the Box and Del Taco.

Fergie is always trying out new looks, but after experimenting with one particular look on American Idol, fans started to speculate she had work done.

"I did two major drastic things, which is hair to the side—it was the first time—and the big neon lip," she says.

"I wanted to try something different, and all of a sudden it was this big backlash. People were saying 'It's a fake Fergie.' I heard about some ridiculous amount of money that I spent on my face, which I think is absolutely insane."

Fergie may have a killer body, but believe me, she works hard for it! So what does her routine consist of? "I do cardio and resistance training. I'm getting more into jump rope now. For your shoulders, if you have breasts. There's a lot of...waving."

But most of all Fergie admits she just tries to be a good person. "I try to be a nice person. I'm not filled with saccharine. Do you want me to give you some bad things that I do? I'm obviously married, so I don't sleep around. I guess I've tamed my ways a little bit, but I am 36."

For more on Fergie pick up the July issue of Allure, on newsstands June 21.