Flo Rida Reveals His Dream Collaboration

February 20, 2012 By:
Flo Rida Reveals His Dream Collaboration

Flo Rida has teamed up on musical collaborations with artists like T-Pain, Timbaland, will.i.am, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha to name a few. There are few artists left that he hasn’t already worked with, but Flo Rida has got his mind set on two artists that he calls his “dream collaboration.”

“Oh man, to work with Andre 3000 or maybe Beyonce,” revealed to Stereotude at Cartoon Networks Hall of Game Awards.

Flo Rida also gives a shout out to Jay-Z and the rest of the Carter-Knowles family including their new baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

“Much love to [Beyonce], Jay-Z and their new beautiful daughter,” says Flo Rida.

As most celebs know, once they reach a certain level of fame the fan mayhem gets crazy. Twilight fans ask Robert Pattinson to “bite” them. Lindsay Lohan’s fans try to break into her home. Justin Bieber’s fans scream bloody murder and then propose to the pop star. We wonder what kind of fan experiences Flo Rida has had to deal with enjoyed.

“Probably just at the hotel room, fans following my room, banging on my door putting notes up under it,” says Flo Rida, “I wouldn’t say fans, that would be someone other than a fan because fans show better gratitude than that.”