Florence and the Machine Wake America Up

June 24, 2011 By:
Florence and the Machine Wake America Up

One of the biggest music acts and British import right now is Florence and the Machine. Last night, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine banged her head before her performance but just like a machine, insisted that the show must go on.

The “Dog Days Are Over” singer hit her head onstage after she bumped into a speaker at their Boston gig last night. The show was postponed for a moment but unlike other artists who cancel their tours (ahem Amy Winehouse) Florence is a pro and reappeared onstage to continue the performance.

Florence and the Machine stopped by Good Morning America Summer Concert Series this morning to perform some of their biggest hits. “It's an amazing way to wake up,” says Florence of the cheers of the hundreds of fans gathered in Central Park to hear the band perform.

This British bands rise to fame happened so quickly; many may not know much about them. According to Florence, the bands mouthful of a name was created as a joke between Florence and her keyboardist Isabella on the way to their first gig.

“I made music with my friend, who we called Isabella Machine, to which I was Florence Robot.” They still didn't have a name for the band so they thought to call themselves “Florence Robot/Isa Machine.” That was deemed too long so they became “Florence and the Machine.”

Florence and the Machine is currently on their “Cosmic Love” tour.