Florence Welch on Her Eclectic New Album

April 9, 2012 By:
Florence Welch on Her Eclectic New Album

Florence Welch talked to MSN about her current world tour for her sophomore album “Ceremonials,” her obsession with Joan of Arc, and what to expect from a Florence + The Machine concert.

Florence talks her inspiration behind her new album saying, “If I had to write a recipe for the album, it would be a very long and strange list,” says the singer.

Some of those strange “recipe” items and inspirations Florence lists as, “the woods, some English church bells, the sword, a human heart, a lot of euphoria, pour in a big load of the ocean in there too, throw in my dead grandmother in their, Joan of Arc, Virginia Woolf, some regrets, some demons, some grief and a few nervous break downs an that’s it.”

Her music inspirations might not be the singing icons that you’d expect. Florence says her music is inspired by the heroine Joan of Arc.

“I was obsessed with Joan of Arc, I spent a lot of time wikipedia’ing where to buy armor,” says Florence.

Somehow that makes total sense.

As for her concerts, Florence is know for her theatrical performances full of extravagant costuming and intense performance.

“Each song is a different act,” says Florence, “I feel like it’s a piece of theater.”

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