Foo Fighters to Disband?

October 1, 2012 By:
Foo Fighters to Disband?

Don’t expect to hear any new Foo Fighters material for a long while.

The band’s frontman Dave Grohl dropped this extra heavy hint to a crowd of 60,000 fans in New York’s Central Park:

“Without making a big deal out of it, we don't have any shows after this. This is it, man. We don't have any ones after this. This is the show where we come out and we play as many songs as we can in a short period of time, because honestly, I don't know when we're going to do it again.”

Following the announcement of LMFAO’s hiatus, this one arrives on the polar opposite side of the musical spectrum. Meaning on the side where talent and musicianship is involved…

Many are already concluding that the band is on the verge of breaking up, but this doesn’t exactly sound like the end of the rope for the “Rope” rockers. When Dave referred to the set as being “This is it…,” I’m sure he meant to follow it up with “…for the year.”

The Foo Fighters play roughly 200 shows a year and were probably just letting their guard down, announcing they want to take a break from the near daily grind of performing.

Grohl belted a similar note to English fans at the Readi

ng Festival in August, when he said it’d be the group’s “last for a long time,” though he clarified in a tweet that he was only referring to England.
Dave’s latest American-made comments were during a free show organized by the Global Proverty Project as part of the Global Citizen Festival.

You can hear Dave in his own words in the video here: