Frank Ocean Premieres New Rap Track on His Tumblr

September 25, 2012 By:

Following his performance on the #uncapped stage for Vitamin Water in NYC last night, Frank Ocean posted a new song on his title called “Blue Whale.”

It’s of a different note and tempo for the “Thinkin Bout You” singer whose better known for squeaking out notes higher and with more runs than what he dives into here on the new track: rapping.

Over a drum and piano loop, Frank sets the serene mood with a rap that starts, “Tropical vibe, coconut milk and shaved ice” before painting a more introspective portrait that “This life goes on man, that’s one thing about it.” Definitely worth a listen.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Frank Ocean fans have ever heard the crooner with the signature falsetto tone it down a few registers into deeper rap terrain.

For starters, there was that verse on hip-hop collective’s Odd Future “Oldie” where Frank hinted at his sexuality months before it became such a hot topic prior to his Channel Orange release in July, rhyming under some dual wordplay, “I’m hi, and I’m bye, wait, I mean I’m straight.” Touche, Frank.

Belting, rapping, or sing-speaking, whatever route he takes in a song, the common denominator of Frank’s vocal talent is always his strong, sensitive, witty, and poetic lyrics.

Cruise control through Ocean’s track here: