Frank Ocean: New Album and Other Confessions

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Frank Ocean: New Album and Other Confessions


Frank Ocean stopped by the BBC’s Radio 1 for a lengthy chat with host Zane Lowe. The biggest headline to come out of that conversation is that he is already “like 10, 11 songs” into his follow-up to Channel Orange.

Fresh off nabbing two Grammys and performing at this year’s 55th anniversary of the award show, the album news comes as an unexpected surprise to fans.

Here’s some other things he admitted in the conversation…

His favorite color: “…estoril blue” (A color that just so happens to come on a BMW…)

Biggest hurdle in his career: “The hardest obstacle has been inexperience. And, um, the most difficult to overcome because you actually have to… experience.”

His opinions on autobiographies: “I don’t think I could manage to be unbiased enough to write a proper biography … I would probably make myself seem God-like.”

His TV habits: “I’ve probably never completed an episode of ‘Friends’ or ‘Seinfeld’ or any of those really landmark sitcoms.  I never did it.” (He prefers “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones”)

Ping-pong playing abilities: “I suck at ping-pong…”

Back-up plan for music career: “I would have either went to law school or I would have worked on cars.”

On bringing his work home: “I only write songs in the studio … I call it ‘at work.’ I only write songs at work.”

Most important thing he’s written: “When I wrote the lyric [for ‘No Church in the Wild’] out, and I said it out loud, I was like ‘Yeah, that’s like one of the more… important things I’ve written.’”

Listen to Ocean’s full interview below:

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