Fun. Release Free Live EP

December 19, 2013 By:

Everyone's favorite post-emo posterboys Fun. have released a 6-track Live EP on their website. Titled Before Shane Went to Bangkok: Fun. Live in the USA, the release features live recordings of songs from their Aim and Ignite LP along with their widely acclaimed Some Nights. Additionally, "What the F*ck," a previously unreleased track, is up for grabs. 

Fun. frontman Nate Ruess posted a heartfelt (to be fair, everything Fun. does is heartfelt) note on their website, in which he said:

"What was supposed to be just another album and touring cycle, turned into the craziest two years any of us have ever had...After all, we never thought any of this would happen…all we ever wanted (at the time) was to continue to play the wild and crazy shows that we had grown so accustomed to at the incarnation of this group. I’ve always been so proud of the people that come to our shows…it’s an eclectic group, free to be whomever they want, just so long as they sing…loud. So take this free batch of live songs from the last tour, and try to remember what a great time we had. And rest up. Cause we will be back in your city before you know it."


Excited? You can download all the tracks on Fun.'s website or directly below: