FYI: Nicki's Wiggin' Out, 1D Get Blown Up (Almost)

February 26, 2014 By:

Nicki's Wiggin' Out: Ms. Minaj is being sued by her former "Wig Guru" Terrence Davidson, who claims she "stole, licensed and sold" his designs without cutting him in on the deal. (Via Rolling Stone)

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As My Wife Lays Dying: Tim Lambesis, frontman of metal band As I Lay Dying, pleaded guilty to plotting to have his wife killed. According to his lawyer, the once devout Christian was supposedly in a state of steroid withdrawal-induced psychosis at the time of the foiled plot. 

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Bomb Direction: A New Jersey man has been sentenced to eight months in prison after calling-in a bomb threat prior to a One Direction show. He made the threats after failing to find tickets for his daughters. According to his lawyer, the man became desperate after his daughter threatened to never speak to him again if he didn't take her to the show. (Via Jezebel)

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Still Lucky: The superhuman love-in between French robots Daft Punk and The Ageless Cyborg Pharrell Williams is still going strong. They got together to record the song "Gust of Wind" for his forthcoming album, G I R L. We're tempted to make a fart joke based on the title, but robots don't fart... or do they?

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