Gaga Given a Custom Jet from LiveNation As a Gift

November 5, 2012 By:
Gaga Given a Custom Jet from LiveNation As a Gift

LiveNation wanted to keep Mother Monster happy, so they’ve gifted the pop singer her own 757 jet. Lady Gaga has after all oh, so graciously amassed over $225 million with her latest tour, so this was essentially a high-powered message asking the entertainer to please not ever stop touring and stop making $225 million for them ever.

Gaga took to her Twitter to share the luxurious details of the, excuse me, of HER plane. “So apparently LIVE NATION gave us a 757 I just cried on the tarmac. We tried to take a pic but its too big,” she wrote. Within moments, she was already having fun in the aisles tweeting, “I just sang bad romance in the aisle and Tara’s doing Kristen Wig Bridesmaids impressions on the intercom,” living out every gay man’s in-flight fantasy.

She also confirmed the “OMG there’s Internet” plane has custom seats and headrests inscribed with her name on them and introduced personal flight attendants, who she’s dubbed the Joannas (one of the attendant’s real name and also the name of her late aunt), to her little monsters masses.

With this latest present, it’s only got us imagining what air travel would be like if Gaga Airways were a real commercial thing. Your extravagant outfits would count as one of your carry on, the in-flight meal would just be raw meat, the plane would definitely NOT be a Virgin. This is probably all just a leaping off point to the inevitable spaceship she’ll be gifted by LiveNation in 2179 (this is of course after she’s cryogenically unfrozen, so the math is right).