Gaga Goes Jazz, Recording Album with Tony Bennett

October 29, 2012 By:
Gaga Goes Jazz, Recording Album with Tony Bennett

Usually when it comes to music, older generations will tend to derisively shun anything contemporary and consider it cheap and distant inferiors to What Music Used to Be. Not Tony Bennett.

In fact, the living jazz legend has a lot of praise for pop star Lady Gaga, calling her not just one of the best performers or singers of her generation, but “one of the best jazz singers that anyone’s ever heard.”

In a Billboard interview, Tony said their upcoming album together (yes, music’s new Odd Couple is recording an album together) will “reaffirm” Gaga’s budding jazz talents. The track list is still a secret (though I hear Frim-Fram Sauce is quite divine with a meat dress…on the side) and that their studio time is being arranged by the orchestrator Marion Evans.

However, we can thank Gaga’s dad for setting the wheels into motion on this thing. In the same interview, Tony dishes that it was The Father of Gaga (amen) who called up Tony while she was touring to tell him that his daughter wanted to go jazz with him and him alone.

They previously made sweet swingin’ music together for that 2011 album of his Duets II you probably glanced against a Starbucks register while ordering your coffee every morning.

There was even a video of it which got a sea green-haired Gaga and Tony in the same room to sing their rendition of “The Lady Is a Tramp” that showed off her jazzy prowess: