"Gangnam Style" is Most Downloaded on iTunes

September 19, 2012 By:

Psy just horse galloped his way into pop culture history…again.

The Korean singer’s super random hit “Gangnam Style” has become the most downloaded song on iTunes—forever sealing his current cultural moment as the first K-Pop song to rise up to the number one spot on the chart.

Psy already conquered the blogosphere and cheesy daytime TV talk show segments. The music video already has over 221 million views, a sensation thanks to its addictive visuals, electro beat that’s currently on-trend with the US Top 40 Billboard charts, and that silly dance which has everyone moving including hipsters, bros, Britney Spears, and dads like Matt Lauer.

“Gangnam Style” is basically this generation’s EDM remix of the “Macarena,” and it has helped Psy crack the American entertainment market equation, which has always been a puzzling and difficult barrier for overseas pop acts, especially those across the Asian continent.

Also uncommon for an Asian pop song is its social meaning, which is largely satire. Gangnam refers to the most coveted district in South Korea’s affluent lifestyle, mocking its conspicuous consumption. In other words, Gangnam is essentially the Beverly Hills, California of Seoul, South Korea—and as we all know there is tons of material for comedy there.

Psy originally told a news agency that he “didn’t make this for foreign countries…this was always for local fans.” Obviously, it’s gained international traction since those modest beginnings.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the music video you’ve probably already seen here.