This Video Shows What EDM is Really All About

October 9, 2014 By:
This Video Shows What EDM is Really All About
Image By: Getty Images / Christopher Polk

Electronic dance music has been highly criticized for its raves and the deaths at these raves linked to drugs. But some may have forgotten, or not even know, that EDM is all about the love for the music, and the love you share with your friends at these events. 

This video is a perfect summary of what EDM is all about in just 37 short seconds:

The video shows Keelin Lambert passionately signing Gareth Emery's "U" to her deaf friend Monica Frederick at TomorrowWorld.

As you can see, Monica is standing close to the speakers. These type of events are great for deaf people because the loud bass allows them to feel the music throughout their entire body. Not only that, but it's a sensory overload (in the best way possible) with all the lights and lazers.

“Music festivals honestly have so much more to contribute. There’s light, lasers, people, connections, new friends, kandi, love, PLUR, atmosphere, music, dancing, experience, memories to be made... everything overall is definitely what makes it worth it for anybody to experience. It is not limited to those that can hear," Monica said.