Gavin Rossdale Releasing Solo Album

April 9, 2008 By:
Gavin Rossdale Releasing Solo Album

Gavin Rossdale is following in the footsteps of wife Gwen Stefani and releasing his first solo album.  It's called WANDERlust, and it hits stores June 3rd.  Gavin was nice enough to describe the album himself for his fans, so check out what he has to say!  He did a song by song description, so we picked the best ones to share with you.  Lots of really cute Gwen references.

FOREVER MAY YOU RUN: I didn't have a studio at the time so I called up Linda Perry who Gwen had worked with and I think is just great. I had never co-written anything but I wanted to start with Linda. We began this song, and since I don't play piano, I asked her if she would. I started singing this bit and she put a nice change in. Then Linda sent me home saying she had my vibe and would try to write something. I went home and I wrote this song that I wanted to have a little of that universal feeling of "Everybody Hurts" Linda played me what she had done, and I played her what I'd done. And she said let's do yours. Jimmy Iovine's daughter Jade heard this one and got her father excited about that song. That was the song that green-lit this record.

LOVE REMAINS THE SAME: I really wanted to write my drinking song — my drowning of the sorrows song. I have a tough wife with high standards so there are those times when there is a disconnect. It's hard to be with anybody for any length of time, and there are those times when you realize we need to make an effort here. I'm not really a drinking man, but I can imagine. It does have a certain Bukowski ness to it. I didn't want to hide behind anything.

THIS IS HAPPINESS: There was a particular week when that I went with Gwen to New York. It was one of those times when parking space after parking space, everything fit in perfectly. Something about it was so magical, and when I wrote this album I wanted to make sure I had some of those up moments. I have such a deep love for New York — probably my favorite city in the world. I quite like that middle eight, "You make me so much better/I hope I don't make you worse." Bob loved it so much he said we should have it twice. And Chris's guitar solo is fantastic.

THIS PLACE IS ON FIRE: That was the working title for the record. I have a studio upstairs in my house and Gwen was downstairs with her design team. The clothes were looking amazing and she had the artwork for her album out and I was upstairs with this huge Dr Dre-like bass woofer and the music was going. And the engineer was like, "Wow, this place is amazing." And I was like "Yeah, this place is on fucking fire. " I though `Oh my god, that's the title." So I started singing with a Vocoder. It's a nod to my wife. It was a longer piece but I thought it was a nice trippy way to end. And maybe open my shows."