Kingston Rossdale Stars in Daddy's Music Video

April 28, 2009 By:
Kingston Rossdale Stars in Daddy's Music Video

Little Kingston Rossdale is already a star!

He makes a cameo in his father Gavin Rossdale’s new video for the song Forever May You Run. Maybe he learned how to act in front of the camera with all the paparazzi following him constantly.

The cameo is short, but he’s adorable! We think Kingston needs an even bigger role in the next video! Gavin will be on the road for the next month promoting his first album WANDERlust.

He tells Billboard, "I'm sort of halfway through writing a bunch of new songs.If it's a Bush record, that's great, and if it's a Gavin Rossdale record, that's great. We'll have to see what happens."

He also talked about his new songs, saying, “They're focused on...what I'm needing to do and what would add to where I'm at now. It's pretty driving as opposed to mid-tempoey and that type of stuff. I'm excited about doing a record that challenges me like that."

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