'3 Things' with Gentlemen Hall

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\'3 Things\' with Gentlemen Hall
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Gentlemen Hall makes grooving, upbeat indie rock with washes of psychedelia peeking through - a little bit Passion Pit, a little bit MGMT. The Boston sextet have spent the past couple of years racking up accolades, and with their anthemic new single "All Our Love" approaching, they're pushing to become a household name. In "3 Things," we give you a chance to get to know breakout bands a little bit better. Check it out:

I got starstruck when...I’ve been starstruck a couple times - when we met U2, when we met Taylor Swift, when we saw Skrillex walking around LA last night, to name the first few that come to mind, and here’s the deal: I don’t get starstruck because they’re celebrities - I get starstruck because as far as I can tell, every woman in the entertainment business is at least 6’ tall and every guy is at most 5’ tall. It’s like one of those "Twilight Zone" episodes that never made it to TV because it was a really stupid plot concept. - Rory

When I was a kid I loved...listening to my mom play piano. I remember being like five and she would play old ragtime music while I'd run laps inside the house as fast as I could. It was intoxicating. I still get that same excitement listening to music now, just without the need for speed. - Brad

One food I couldn't do without is...Cheez-Its. I'm getting older and my metabolism is changing (hellooooo, heartburn!) so I've had to severely cut back on greasy/salty/acidic food, but my beloved Cheez-Its don't upset my system and that's good because I wouldn't give them up either way. Why do I love them? Well, like most people I love cheese and cheese-flavored foods, and for whatever reason Cheez-Its hit all the right marks when it comes to flavor, crunchiness, consistency, etc. What's that you say? They contain GMOs and trans fatty acids? Sorry Charlie, don't care! This is one time when I throw caution to the wind. - Phil

The most drunk I ever was...I was in high school in northern Minnesota and a friend of mine was turning 18. So naturally we drove across the border to Thunder Bay, Canada because he could legally buy alcohol there (I was probably 16 at the time.) We got a hotel room and a night of debauchery began. Can't remember everything that happened, but I do remember going through the local newspaper and calling in a stripper. We only had enough money for the birthday boy to partake in that event so the rest of us (all under 18) went driving around Thunder Bay blacked out drunk, blasting Method Man from our shitty Toyota Camry. The only other thing I remember is completely wrecking the hotel room and throwing random things out the window. Probably the dumbest shit I've ever done. - Cobi

Check out the lyric video to "All Our Love":

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