Inside Scoop on Good Charlotte's New Album

March 26, 2010 By:
Inside Scoop on Good Charlotte's New Album

Good Charlotte has been in the music game for ten years now, and have put out four albums. They've sold over 10 million records and entertained us with their hit songs. As they celebrate their 10 year anniversary of hitting the music scene, Joel Madden and Benji Madden and their band are releasing their new album entitled Cardiology.

Benji and Joel Madden just finished wrapping up their 5th studio album one week ago and gave Hollyscoop the EXCLUSIVE 411 on what we can expect from their work of art, when it hits stores this summer.

Joel told us this album has been a labor of love. "It's taken almost about two years," he tells Hollyscoop.

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Benji broke down the process for us: "We spent a year writing and we started down the road with another producer and it just didnt feel like the right vibe. It was a lot of starting over, starting over. Me and Joel would write the songs and put our heads together and go, 'We need this and we need that'...a lot of stop and go...back to the drawing board."

It's obvious the brothers have the drive to work on an album until they know it's the best they can do. But Benji told us it's always a work in progress. "We're still hungry. I don't know if its a competition but we always want to outdo ourselves there are so many great young bands that we really like. It's good cause it drives us."

Good Charlotte has been able to stay together for ten years, when so many bands break up after just a few years. And this album Cardiology is a culmination of everything they've done. Joel told us, "The music on this record is a culmination of all our records together. It sounds a lot like our first and second record but theres new elements from our last one. It's kind of a culmination of all that ten years of work and music and living all in, it took us ten years to write this record.

We love good collaborations at Hollyscoop, and while the Madden brothers would like to do them in the future, this album just features their own band. Joel said, "There's no collaborations on this record. We've aways been into trying to do collaborations, but we kind of holed up on this record and we really spent all the time alone working on it and we wrote with some people and there are a few songs on the record that we wrote with people for the most part we were trying to get inspired. It's been a very some ways solitary record."

Well we're certainly ready to hear it! We've heard comparisons to Blink 182 and that it's quite different from their last album!