FYI: Green Day Nabs Concert Record, Miguel Moonsault Follow-Up

June 6, 2013 By:

Trent Reznor has been very sneaky lately. The single off of his mysterious new Nine Inch Nails LP has arrived. (Rolling Stone)

So, 60,000 people bought tickets for Green Day’s London show last Saturday, which is not only impressive, but also a record. (NME)

Mariah Carey has announced the arrival date for her new album, New Era Begins. It's July 23rd. (MTV)

A modest girl group from the UK’s “The X Factor” called Little Mix has bested the Spice Girls’ stateside chart record. Victoria Beckham, who? (NME)

If The-Dream’s album IV Play was actual foreplay, he probably wouldn’t have made it past second base. The LP merely flickered on charts. (Rap-Up)

For the first time, we’re getting a full taste of Beyoncé’s Sia-written, Hit-Boy-produced song “Rise Up.” It’s the most excited we’ve been about an animated movie in a long time. (NME)

Andy Grammer sang "'Keep Your Head Up" and "Crazy Beautiful" on "The Bachelorette," making all the eligible men a little jealous. (ABC)

Hey, remember when Miguel moonsaulted that chick at the Billboard Awards? He actually put a lot of work into that move. (TMZ)

Taylor Swift and Edward Sheeran employ child labor in order to complete their new music video “Everything Has Changed.” (MTV)

All that smack Miley Cyrus is talking, claiming her new album is hip-hop… Producer Pharrell Williams says nope. (Idolator)

Is Selena Gomez’s new song “Slow Down” about Justin Bieber. Also nope. (Popdust)