Green Day's New "Twilight" Music Video

October 31, 2012 By:
Green Day's New

To further distance himself from the image that he’s “not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers!,” leader singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s Green Day has done the exact opposite by teaming up with the upcoming Twilight movie for their next music video. The sUpEr hArRDxcore punk rockers premiered their video for “The Forgotten” last night.

No shame in getting yours in the bank by expanding your listening audience (specifically in this case to soccer moms everywhere) and “mainstream” isn’t a dirty word, unless you make it out to be one on the iHeartRadio concert stage this summer (though to be fair, Billie probably was intoxicated for which he has since been seeking treatment—the group has cancelled all their tour dates through the end of the calendar year, and postponed those at the outset of 2013).

As for “The Forgotten”’s video itself, it's the least scariest thing to watch on Halloween that involves vampires ever. Unless you have recurring dreams of Rob Pattinson playing you a song on the piano, there’s nothing really to watch here. Green Day plays in together in studio, filtered through 12 Instagram filters at once, and then spliced with clips from the upcoming (and thankfully last) Twilight film installment, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”

Watch it here—preferably while clutching your Stephenie Meyers and crying because you’re going to miss Twilight so much, or while clutching your copy of Dookie and crying because you already miss Green Day: