YouTube All-Stars: The Most Uncomfortable Fan Cover Ever

June 5, 2013 By:

There are fan covers and then there is this: a video titled “Grimes -- Nightmusic NEW Slow Motion Cover.” Not only is this remarkable, it’s remarkably uncomfortable.

In the sequence, a Youtube user by the name of Manolo Black appears shirtless, sweaty and high as hell on life as he dances— no, girates to a slowed down cover version of Grimes’ “Nightmusic.” It comes with the simple caption “get moral orgasm from songs,” and never once does he remove his penetrating stare from the camera.

Why exactly is this happening? And what effect will this have on humanity? We have no idea, but dancing shirtless for the Internet is apparently pretty common for Mr. Black.

If any of you readers are in contact with this man, please shake his hand, courtesy of Stereotude.