Heidi Montag Relaunching Pop Career

April 18, 2012 By:

Just when you thought The Barbie formerly known as Heidi Montag had finally been returned to the Wal-Mart that created her, the “reality star” releases a new album.

This is Heidi’s second attempt at a pop music career. She released the album “Superficial” in 2010 and it sold less than 1,000 copies total, but as a Kindergarten teacher once told me, if you try and fail, try again.

Heidi has just released another EP, and is calling it “Dreams Come True.” It features four songs and they all sound like drunk Spice Girls doing Karaoke to Britney Spears songs.

Full disclosure, this review comes from me listening the 30-second samples of the songs on iTunes. Who has $4.99 to spend on Heidi Montag LETS BE REAL!?!?

It’s definitely not terrible, assuming the spectrum of music ranges from 1-10, 1 being Rebecca Black and 10 being Paris Hilton’s first album, Heidi’s album falls somewhere in the 6 range.

Heidi and her creator/manager/keeper/husband Spencer Pratt have been shamelessly plugging the album on twitter, trying real hard to get #DreamsComeTrue trending.

Spencer is so tacky he even tweeted a congrats to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with the Heidi’s hashtag, “Congrats Brangelina on your engagement! #DreamsComeTrue.”

Anyways, Heidi hopes that this 4-song EP will be better than her disastrous music debut in 2010.

“I spent $2 million on my music career and it didn’t happen for me,” says Montag.

You know what else she spent $2 million on? Her boobs, face, eyes, butt, stomach, nose, neck and lips.