Heidi Montag Releases First Album

January 12, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag Releases First Album

We feel like we’ve already heard enough Heidi Montag music to last us a lifetime, but sadly this is just the beginning. The Hills star has just released her first album entitled Superficial.

Heidi she says she "wanted it to be a fun, empowering mix that you could really dance to.”

"I want to make the new 2010 version of a pop star," she tells People. "I want to become a galaxy star."

As for the title, Heidi says “Superficial” refers to the way she believes people perceive her. "That's the world I live in and how people think I am but it's really just the surface. People are just getting to know a whole new Heidi. I put my heart my heart into this music and it'll really show,” she says.

Take a listen to the song below. If Heidi really wants to be respected by an artist, she may want to hire a new songwriter.