Rappers Love Wasting Champagne

February 28, 2014 By:

For many a century, champagne was associated with the royal classes. A beverage so delicate and demure, that it was only to touch the lips of the privileged. Nowadays it is most often used to shower stout women's gyrating hinds in dark and grimy basements. That's culture, baby! Rappers in particular LOVE to waste champagne. It's like, you don't have to pour bubbly on EVERY stripper, dude, maybe just some...

So champagne used to be something rich people drank as an excuse to toast themselves for being rich.


When hip-hop blew up, rappers were like I'm so rich, I can just waste this shit to show how rich I am! Still a status symbol, just...different.


Most of the time the champagne doesn't even reach their lips. Instead it is released upon the world in a torrent of frothing glory. 


Something about so wantonly wasting something so precious just makes you feel...good.


But...some people just get carried away.


At least these guys had something to celebrate.


Well, at least you're not this guy.