How To Make A Rap Video From The 2000's

February 14, 2014 By:
How To Make A Rap Video From The 2000's

Does anyone else miss the insanely over-the-top rap and hip-hop videos that swept the early 2000s? Good - us too. Visuals in videos nowadays have moved away from the traditional rump-shaking shots to artsy imagery that we don't always understand *cough* Kanye *cough*. If only for a few minutes, let's try to reflect on those simpler times in music video land, before the recession hit and forced rappers to invest their money instead of throwing it in the air. 

It really was all about showing off their love of money in three simple ways…

Money = nice cars that make them look cool…

Really cool.

Money also = women who like the cars…

Rappers didn't even have to have cash - credit cards worked on the ladies too!

And expensive champagne that they didn't even drink half the time!

Just as long as there were lots of half-naked ladies, it was a complete music video that perfectly illustrated their values in the early part of this century.

Unfortunately we can't go back to those days…women's general sense of self-respect has gotten a lot higher this decade.