Idol's Michael Lynche & Andrew Garcia Working Hard on Albums

June 25, 2010 By:
Idol's Michael Lynche & Andrew Garcia Working Hard on Albums

American Idol winner Lee DeWyze isn’t the only one working on his debut album--Hollyscoop caught up with Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia at the Bing Creative Minds event, and they told us EXCLUSIVELY they’re both already working on their albums!

Big Mike and Andrew are gearing up for the nationwide Idols tour that kicks off next month, and for now they’re just loving the extra time they can spend in LA. But it sounds like it’s a lot of work, and little play.

Garcia said, “We are both working on our albums right now. On tour we will be working on our music. It’s how hard you work. As much as you are doing work someone else is doing work so you can’t never sleep. We go out but we have that mentality where we are non-stop working.”

Mike seemed excited to get the show on the road: “The tour is going to be an amazing time to get your skills right, get your songs right and we are all together,” he said. Amazing songwriter right here, It’s going to be cool for us to write together on the bus.”

So what can we expect from both of their debut albums? For Garcia, he said, “R&B Pop mainstream--that is me right there. You will have the whole production R&B Pop but when I want to I can just strip that down and give you the acoustic.”

Big Mike added, “I think Andrew has the best original music coming in out of all of us.”

As for his genre, “R&B Soul is where I am the most comfortable and where my heart lies,” Mike explained. “I just want to make an album where your heart moves and moves your spirit. You remember where you were when you listen to it the first time. Those are the albums I love the most. Right now we all have big dreams and why not dream for the moon. That is what I feel; I just want your heart to jump when you hear my music.”

We can’t wait to hear both of their albums! And for now, the focus is on the tour. “We are just going to have fun this summer and write from the stuff from our heart,” said Mike.

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