15 Reasons Why Iggy Azalea Should Be Your New Queen

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15 Reasons Why Iggy Azalea Should Be Your New Queen
Watch out Queen Beyoncé, Amethyst Amelia Kelly is ready to take the throne. Wait, who? We’re talking about Iggy Azalea, the 23-year-old Australian rapper/model whose powerful lyrics and insanely fit body we just can’t get enough of. With not one but TWO singles currently charting the Billboard Top Five, it’s official...Iggy Azalea is the new queen. Here are 15 reasons why:
1. She started from the bottom... literally.
Iggy traded her high school textbooks for Windex and a mop so she could save money to move to the US in pursuit of her rap dream. Once she turned sixteen, she purchased a one-way ticket to Miami and never looked back.
2. Two words: That. Body.
She’s thick, she’s beautiful, and she’s not hiding that from anyone.
3. She's above the drama.
Iggy knows when to stand up for herself, and when to let the haters hate because she’s simply too busy to care.


4. Everything she wears, we want.

Danny Martindale/FilmMagic
Does she make everything look great? Or is everything she puts on just incredibly fab? We’re thinking it’s a bit of both. Extreme wardrobe envy...UGH.
5. She accepts mistakes from her past, and she isn't afraid to show it.
Iggy made a rookie mistake and got a tattoo dedicated to her then-boyfriend A$AP Rocky. Once the two split, she only got the A$VP crossed out, making it clear that she did not get the entire tattoo removed because she is not ashamed or embarrassed of her past.
6. She works the high pony like no one else.
Oyster Magazine
Her signature '90s-inspired waist-length blonde ponytail is absolutely amazing, to say the least. Own that ponytail, work that up-do, girrrrl.
7. Her music videos are iconic. 
As far as music videos go, Iggy does no wrong. She’s been consistently killin’ it with her sensational videos.
8. She's the first female to be featured on XXL's Freshmen Issue.
Iggy was the first ever female artist to snag a spot on the highly coveted XXL Freshmen List, let alone the first non-American female rapper. WORK!
9. When she's not rapping, she's modeling.
Iggy is signed to one of the world’s top modeling agencies, Wilhelmina Models. She’s been the face of fashion campaigns for Levi Jeans and House of Holland.
10. She's not changing herself for any man, including her Lakers boyfriend.
GQ Magazine
Iggy confessed in a radio interview that she never really had interest in basketball until she met her boyfriend, L.A. Lakers’ Nick Young. Even then, she didn’t transform into some obsessed basketball fanatic. However, she is supportive enough to take interest in her boyfriend’s career. Awww.
11. She is the ultimate photobomb.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Here is Iggy photobombing Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and Ellie Goulding at the VMAs, while enjoying some buffalo wings.
12. Sometimes she wears no makeup in public and she DGAFs.
She was recently pictured at the airport at 6am without any makeup following a six-hour flight. This spiraled into memes, viscous trolls, and ridicule from blogs. Iggy had a few things to say about it.
13. When she does wear makeup, it's always flawless.
Oyster Magazine
Her. Makeup. Is. So. On. Point. I’m. Crying.
14. She's changing the face of hip-hop.
Her debut album, The New Classic, represents a new style and era of hip-hop that accepts more people, even white female rappers from Australia.
15. She's an inspiration to us all.
“Keep on living
Keep on breathing
Even when you don't believe it
Keep on climbing
Keep on reaching
Even when this world can't see it
No, impossible is nothing.” 
Iggy Azalea - “Impossible Is Nothing”