Is Iggy Azalea Scared to Make a Song By Herself?

November 28, 2014 By:
Is Iggy Azalea Scared to Make a Song By Herself?
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I remember sitting in my bed one day, surfing the Internet as any normal Millennial would do on a Tuesday night. Then I see someone post a music video from some girl named Iggy Azalea. I thought, "Heck. Why not?" I clicked the video, and I was blown away by her beauty, style, and that BODY.

I knew I was a fan since that moment.

It's been a little over three years since I first discovered the "Pu$$y" music video. Now, Iggy is a household name and an international superstar. Her most successful track to-date "Fancy" topped the charts for weeks upon weeks and Billboard even declared it "The Song of the Summer".

But since the release of her smash hit "Fancy," we've been seeing a trend among all of Iggy's new songs. This girl won't make a song alone -- every single song has a guest feature.

Take a look:


"Fancy" feat. Charli XCX

Remember when this song dropped? And then started playing on the radio? .. And then stations just wouldn't stop playing it?

"Fancy" did really catapult Charli XCX into her well-deserved stardom.


"Black Widow" feat. Rita Ora

Iggy recruited one of her BFFs Rita Ora as the guest vocalist in "Black Widow". This Iggy track charted too, of course.


"Beg For It" feat. 

Surprise, surpise! Another guest vocalist! This time it's another lesser-known female singer from Denmark named MØ. 


"Heavy Crown" feat. Ellie Goulding

The latest offering from Iggy Azalea's Reclassified album, you guessed it, has a feature! Ellie Goulding sings the chorus on "Heavy Crown."


To be fair, every single song we've mentioned has performed incredibly well. It looks like Iggy's got her formula figured out.

She's selling records, selling out shows, and making tons of money. Who are we to judge?

Iggy, keep doing you, girl.