Iggy Azalea's Saturday Night Live Performance was an Epic Disaster

October 27, 2014 By:
Iggy Azalea's Saturday Night Live Performance was an Epic Disaster
Image By: Hulu

Iggy Azalea took the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend to perform three tracks "Fancy", "Black Widow", and her latest "Beg For It".

The Australian rapper first performed her most popular hit "Fancy" with a new set of dance moves. Midway the song morphed into "Black Widow", in which featuring vocalist Rita Ora came to support.

You can really tell Iggy is trying hard to remember all her dance moves. It's really endearing. At least she's not falling off stages this time.

And Rita Ora? Can. You. Not?!?!

She's really trying to play up the girl-on-girl action thing, but Iggy's not having it. Remember for the VMAs when she suggested to Iggy that they re-enact the Britney/Madonna kiss


Now comes the epic disaster of the SNL performance…

For the second part of the show, Iggy returned to the stage for her newest single off Reclassified called "Beg For It". All went well until MØ started singing her hook on the song… off beat. You can't help but cringe and feel bad for her.

MØ took to Twitter to explain what the heck happened. Apparently some "technical issues"? Hmm… 

Iggy was nothing but encouraging to her collaborator and wrote "MO congratulations on your first television! (It only gets easier!)" on Instagram. Awwww.


See what Stereotude host Albert Lawrence had to say about Iggy's "surprising" performance: