#FOMO of the Week: Imagine Dragons

January 28, 2014 By:
#FOMO of the Week: Imagine Dragons
Image By: Mark Venema

With all the Grammys pre and post parties going on recently, there have been a lot of live shows to see. But one concert in particular that appeared to undeniably kick ass this week was the Exclusive Imagine Dragons Grammy Foundation Benefit show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. Unfortunately we didn't catch the excellence first hand because we weren't there. So now, we'll just have to revel in all the #FOMO from fans' Instagram pages. 

The iconic LA venue played host to the "Radioactive" band.

It appears the Las Vegas natives brought the fun, including releasing beach balls into the crowd!

We can almost hear that rhythm through the photo. Check out some tweets from the night:

Thanks for rubbing it in guys! Guess we'll just have to wait for their Into the Night tour to come 'round.