Interview With X-Factor Final 7 Before The Double Elimination

November 30, 2011 By:
Interview With X-Factor Final 7 Before The Double Elimination

The final seven contestants face off on tonight’s episode of “The X Factor” as two contestants will be eliminated this time. Tomorrow we find out who the final five contestants are and Stereotude has the interview with the remaining contestants, two of which may never again call the X Factor stage their home after tomorrow night.

Simon’s still has three girls left in the game. LA Reid is mentoring 3 guys. Nicole Scherzinger has one talent left, and all of Paula’s groups have been eliminated so far.

Drew Ryniewicz, who dropped her last name and just goes by Drew, says she’s comforted by the fact she’s in “mean judge” Simon’s group.

“I do get extra confidence being in Simons group just because I don’t have to worry about Simon saying anything negative towards me because I’m in his group. I feel like he has an influence on America and so that could be a plus for us girls on his team,” says Drew.

Fiesty little Rachel Crow wonders why Simon is such a harsh critic for the other contestants because she thinks Simon “is very nice and very sweet.”

The other remaining female contestant is Melanie Amaro, who was eliminated, only to be brought back into the competition by Simon himself. She says it’s judge LA Reid that she finds most intimidating.

“For me it’s LA Reid, because he’s a person that’s going to give one of his opinions and say what he needs to say about your performance to see where your mind is at,” confesses Amaro.

However, according to the boy rapper Astro, he loves being in LA Reids group:

“He’s like an older brother,” says Astro, “LA [Reid] he’s awesome, he’s very humble, he’s a million dollar man but he’ll still will come have lunch with the boys and stuff… give us great advice, LA he’s definitely the dude.”

After Astro nearly refused to perform on last weeks show when he was voted into the bottom two he tells us, “I don’t want to sound like a jerk or cocky but I really don’t care about the past you know, I apologized it is what it is.”

Marcus Canty is another of LA Reid’s mentees and says the best advice he ever received by Reid was to always find joy in singing.

“The best advice was…don’t let anyone take away your joy,” says Canty, “I love music, so that’s my joy, so he said don’t let anyone take away your joy no matter what.”

Chris Rene, who entered the competition with his own original rap says it still feels like a dream to be on The X-Factor, “I’m telling you, this is like a dream…I’m not going to wake up from this dream,” says Rene.

Last but not least is Josh Krajcik, who at 30 years old is the oldest contestant on The X Factor.

“It’s hard cause Stacy’s gone and Leroy is gone and now I’m the oldest person,” admits Krajcik “not that 30’s old but compared to everyone else it feels it sometimes. So [I] just try to give my grandfatherly advice to all the rest of the contestants as time goes one.”

X-Factor airs tonight and tomorrow. Who do you think will make it to the final 5?