Jack Johnson Needs His Surf Breaks

February 28, 2008 By:
Jack Johnson Needs His Surf Breaks

Jack Johnson's
songs are sure to put you right at ease and in a mellow mood. Maybe because that's what Jack's M.O. is all about. Even this laid back crooner gets anxiety once in awhile. He's even had to cancel shows in the past when anxiety dreams keep him up at night, and so now he has fixed touring rules that allow him to play away from his Oahu home and then return for fun and surf.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "That's when I know I've got to take a break, kick back and get out of the public eye."

But there is a solution to his touring issues that he's working on: "If I could go canoe-paddling or sailing every day while I was out on tour, I wouldn't be itching to get home so bad. Just get me out in the ocean, really. Growing up, I would try to surf for three, four hours a day. I've become dependent on it. It's hard when you start an addiction at five."

If there was a way for everyone in the country to take surf breaks, it would be a much less stressful world!