James Blunt Quits Music

October 22, 2012 By:
James Blunt Quits Music

James Blunt is making headlines today with reports that he’s “quitting” the music industry. All this brought on by the following comment the English singer-songwriter made to upon Mail Online at a nightclub in West London:

“I just want to take some time out for myself. I haven’t got any plans to do more songwriting. I have been chilling out since I finished my world tour and I’ve spent a lot of time in Ibiza, where I have a villa.”

Now, clearly if we read that first sentence of his statement (the one that ends with him humble bragging about his awesome villa in Ibiza) really slowly, we can deduce that the quitting the music industry part is nothing more than a grand overstatement. It sounds more like the luxury offered a successful 38-year-old musician saying he’s wants to take a break (because that’s what he said verbatim) that quickly became sensationalized into an announcement of retiring—a case of wishful thinking for many of us.

The guy behind 2005 hits “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover” off of the album Back to Bedlam sold over 11 million copies and garnered Grammy attention to the tune of five nominations for Best Pop Vocal Album, Best New Artist, and Song of the Year. It was at this point many of us thought he stopped making music, but apparently he’s released two albums since then that did modestly well, but nowhere near the oversaturation that was his debut single.

Ironically if this news were true, it may have been the best note James Blunt ever hit.