Jamie Lynn Spears Working On A Country Album

March 10, 2009 By:
Jamie Lynn Spears Working On A Country Album

Jamie Lynn Spears has done a good job to keep out of the public eye after giving birth to her daughter Maddie. There’s been some speculation as to whether or not she was planning on coming back to LA, but according to E!, she’s singing a different tune altogether!

According to a source close to the Spears’, Jamie has been hard at work quietly working on a country album since the fall. Another insider says that Jamie Lynn’s team is trying to land her a record deal. She’s reportedly already recorded tracks in Nashville.

Jamie Lynn told reporters back in 2002 that she thought this was the direction her career would take. She said at the time, "I'll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing. but I am going to definitely sing someday. So when I do start singing, buy my album!"

We wonder if she also saw an unplanned pregnancy in her future back then? And before you go writing her off, remember that Jessica Simpson made the transition to country, and she’s not doing bad at all.

Jamie Lynn seems like a country girl at heart, and we say more power to her! She’s better off making a living as a country singer away from Hollywood anyway.