Jason Derulo Riding Solo' --Denies Dating Jordin Sparks

September 29, 2011 By:
Jason Derulo Riding Solo' --Denies Dating Jordin Sparks

A couple of days ago US Weekly "confirmed" that Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks were dating. And by "confirmed" they just spotted them at a fancy dinner in the nicer part of Los Angeles and in true-to-gossip form, they assumed the two were probably already planning their wedding.

Anyways, Jason Derulo had a sit-down with MTV news and swears he's single. His new single is called "It Girl," so we wonder, does he have his own special "It" girl?

"I don't. I'm single. I'm looking for that special one," says Derulo.

Okay, just to be 100% sure, you are NOT dating Jordin Sparks, Winner of American Idol Season 6, and you are, in fact, single? "Yes, absolutely," says Derulo.

Arrggh. I was really rooting for these too. Two 20-something R&B pop stars making googly eyes at each other...okay, really I'm just sick of talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Derulo says Jordin's a great girl, but they are nothing more than friends.

"Jordin Sparks is an absolute sweetheart. She's a very nice girl. We've been friends for a while now. We're just friends." He told CBSNews.com

Ahhh the old "we're just friends" card. This is Hollywood code for "casually boning." Let's call it what it is, okurrr?

However, the original story that claimed they were dating said the two became an item after Jordin lost a lot of weight. After Jordin slimmed down, Derulo saw her "in a whole new light."

A source told US Weekly, "She lost over 30 pounds and looks amazing - and he told her. It started there and they have been really reconnecting, now as lovers and not just friends."

The source also adds that they were being sappy and romantic throughout their dinner "date" at Philippe Chow in West Hollywood.

"Jordin would sing to him occasionally through the night in his ear if her head was rested on his shoulder," says the source.

Ugggghhhh how obnoxious.

Jason: How's the chow mein?

Jordin: (whispering) Tell me how I'm supposed to breath with no air?

Jason: Uhmmm, pass the soy sauce?

Jason is still looking for his "It Girl" and tells MTV what he looks for in that special someone.

"My 'It Girl' is somebody who is selfless, somebody who's not thinking about herself all the time, but just caring about what others need," reveals Derulo, "I think that's really sexy...and somebody who likes to have a good time. I'm kinda crazy. It would be nice to have somebody who's kind of into that."