Jason Derulo Sets Record Straight On Madonna Collaboration

April 19, 2010 By:
Jason Derulo Sets Record Straight On Madonna Collaboration

We love Jason Derulo right now! The chart topper has three huge hits out on the radio right now—“Whatcha Say,” “In My Head,” and “Ridin’ Solo”—and he’s becoming a big star in his own right.

It probably helped that Jason was on tour with Lady Gaga for the first part of this year, an experience he called “amazing.”

Jason told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, “She is amazing off stage as she is on. I had a great time with her; it was my first tour. She said some really cool words to me one time. She said ‘Jason I’ve worked with a lot of talented people but you are special. You are a star.’ It means a lot coming from her.”

We talked with Jason on the set of his new music video for “Ridin’ Solo,” and asked if those rumors he would be working with Madonna were true! But sadly, he told only us, “That is a myth. I don’t know where it came from but it’s a cool rumor.”

Ugh! Wishful thinking on our part! But what we can look forward to is a tour. Jason told us all about it. “Yes, I’m starting my tour,” Jason told Hollyscoop, adding that it would be “Definitely worldwide. I can’t leave the rest of the world out.”

We’ll be looking forward to it! But we still wish Jason’s people would get I touch with Madonna’s people!