Jay Sean Releases New Mixtape and Tour with Joe Jonas

September 6, 2011 By:
Jay Sean Releases New Mixtape and Tour with Joe Jonas

The UK Cash Money crooner, Jay Sean has finally released some new music. While the world waits for his new studio album Freeze Time (set to be released in 2012) Jay Sean releases a 15-song mixtape called The Mistress. Think of it as an appetizer album.

The mixtape is available as a downloadable album at facebook.com/jaysean.

Jay Sean is the man behind the 2009 pop smash hit, "Down" but says this new mixtape will show a different side of the singer.

"For me, it's my new passion project," Jay Sean told Rap-Up TV, "It's a little nod to throwback R&B, the stuff that I grew up to. It's just fun. It's not going in there and over-thinking anything. It's just doing some stuff that I wanted to do, perhaps doing some stuff that America hasn't heard. It's showing the other side of me. It's my other love, my hidden love."

That "hidden love" he talks about takes form in the metaphoric album title, The Mistress when he likens his relationship with music to a mistress. Oh, word play. That's fancy.

The mixtape features appearances by other Young Money rappers like Birdman ("Love") and Tyga ("Sex 101") and also Lupe Fiasco ("Say Yeah").

Jay Sean has taken advantage of his Cash Money entourage when her collaborated with Lil Wayne on the single, "Hit The Lights" which made the top 10 on the iTunes singles chart before the track got radio play.

The release of The Mistress comes at the same time as Jay Sean's announcement that he is co-headlining a US tour with Joe Jonas. Their tour kicks off tonight at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jay Sean is best known for fusing together R&B, dance, and pop music to create radio ready anthems, but The Mistress will feature a more sultry R&B sound that has "rarely been heard by his American audience," according to a statement.

Jay is impressive because he's a songwriter as well as a pretty face for pop music. He won a BMI award for writing the song "Deal With It" for actor/singer Corbin Bleu as well as penning almost all of his own tracks.

Did you know: Jay Sean is also known as "The King of YouTube" while the Queen is probably Rebecca Black or a talking kitten, Jay Sean holds the record when his video for "Down" reached well over 100 million views on YouTube and he was named "Most Watched UK Artist" on YouTube with 250 million overall views on his channel.