Jay-Z Takes the Subway to Last Barclays Concert

October 8, 2012 By:
Jay-Z Takes the Subway to Last Barclays Concert

99 problems and turnstile ain’t one for Jay-Z. He’s Brooklyn bred, remember? But in case you forgot here’s a video of the New York rapper channeling his pre-$460 million net worth days to take a form of public transport he could probably purchase with the pocket change he got back from Starbucks that morning: the Canal Street R train.

Hov’s trek through the underground sludge of Brooklyn to his last Barclays Center concert—which he streamed live via his YouTube channel Saturday night because he’s in touch with the masses both off and online—didn’t last long, but he did take time to show some fans love and take pics with them before disembarking a few short stops later at Atlantic.

Minus the team of paid security guards, Jay-Z tries to be “just like us,” except, hell no, you’re Jay-Z, so we won’t let him. As he tries to make his way through the station in this video, fellow commuters barely let him in peace, screaming his name and throwing out burning questions like, well, “Jay, what are you doing here?” “Going to take the train,” he answers (with a glint of fear in his eyes).

Thankfully, he made it to his gig at Barclays in one piece, where on stage he was later surprised by his wife Beyoncé for a performance of their hit “Crazy in Love.” He playfully spanks her on the derriere which she returns with a kiss on stage.

In conclusion, all these years later and Jay is still crazy (taking the subway) and in love (Beyoncé Forever).

If you can’t get enough of Jay, Live in Brooklyn is being released as an EP tomorrow on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Twitter / Splash